20 Prompts for Gratitude by Jean Russell

  1. What are you grateful for the person saying?
  2. What are you grateful for experiencing with the person?
  3. What are you grateful for the person doing for you?
  4. What do you admire about what they do for themselves?
  5. What do you enjoy about how they engage groups or strangers?
  6. What do you notice that is beautiful or inspiring about who they are?
  7. What do you respect them most for?
  8. What was something you enjoyed about your last interaction with them?
  9. What is something you cherish in your memory of them?
  10. What do you tell people about them?
  11. What do you like about their face or eyes?
  12. What do you appreciate about the way they carry themselves or their style?
  13. What do you think they are most knowledgeable about?
  14. When are they most fun to be around?
  15. When are they most funny?
  16. What are they most humble about?
  17. What are they passionate about?
  18. What do you appreciate them for being angry about?
  19. When do you remember them expressing joy?
  20. What is their impact on your life?

Want to be happy? Be grateful

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