The following is a list of my Yodas -- living people who showed up at turning points in my professional life, and helped shape my development by teaching me something important. Thanks, folks!

(Work in progress - I will add more!)

1986: Bertrand Paquet, economist
"Just because everyone believes it doesn't mean it's true."

1994: Richard MacKenzie, professor of physics
"You get it."

1998: Gilles Brassard, professor of computer science
"This is how we do it."
"Don't accept it until you can explain it."
"If it can be explained, it can be explained elegantly."

2000: Philippe Beaudoin
"Objectivity is the subjectivity of a group."

2002: Flemming Funch
"Seek reality."
"Metathinking matters."

2003: Hassan Masum
"New worlds are possible."

2007: Daniel Lemire
"Track yourself."

2009: Vincent Olivier
"On fait ça!"
"Cherche la réciprocité."
"La religion est une technologie."
"It's even worse than it appears."
"Power matters."
"Aesthetics matters."
"Il faut créer de la valeur."

2010: Venessa Miemis
"Share your dreams and you'll attract people who share your dreams."

2010: Venkatesh Rao
"Mental models define social bargains."

2011: Eric Weinstein
"Some scientists actually care enough that they're willing to take risks."

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